ANALYSIS: Airport Expansion Proposal at Ravalli County in Hamilton, MT [6S5]

Airport Authority: click here to view the Ravalli County Airport webpage [6S5] satellite view20140629cpy.. [6S5] Ravalli, AFD printout from VFRmaps20140629cpy.. [6S5] Ravalli Airport Noise Abatement sheet (1p)Links to the EA webpage (formal comment period ends July 25, 2014):    (COMING)

The Driving Force?

The most prominent landowner around the airport is Mildenberger Properties, LLC, affiliated with Harold and Bradley Mildenberger, who are involved in numerous development projects in the area. The largest is 551 housing-units and some commercial development contemplated on 452-acres to the south of the airport, called Flatiron Ranch.

click on the image below to see the land parcels & owners:

[6S5] Land Ownership and parcels 9, 10, 11 and 12 to be purchased

NEWS (added as the story evolves…):

  • LTE: Leave airport alone: 7/5/2014 letter to the Editor at A retired Navy pilot with a commercial and aircraft mechanic’s license argues against the airport project that would accommodate “…a very, very small minority….” He also said this about the proposal that just keeps coming back: “The idea that the FAA would build a “jetport” outside of Hamilton in a narrow valley over 3,000 feet above mean sea level was asinine.”