Blog: Plane-ly Spoken

Readers will find some interesting and informative analysis at a fairly new blog, Plane-ly Spoken.

In its first three months, this blog has produced  a long string of thoughtful Posts, on topics such as UAS (drones) policies, Malaysia 370, FAA legal opinion letters, the need for FAA Reform, etc. The blog is sponsored by McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, in McLean, VA.

The principal authors are Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon, and their writing makes for good reading. Their presentation is truly, plainly spoken, and promotes real aviation transparency; they routinely include links to PDF copies of FAA letters and other documents. Their analyses often include a fair amount of irreverence, which is a good thing, when dealing with agencies like FAA, with track records of oppression, opacity and arbitrariness.

Here is a copy of their ‘Welcome’ page from last March. Check it out…

Welcome to Plane-ly Spoken!

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Welcome to Plane-ly Spoken.

This blog will provide up-to-date news and analysis of developments in regulation and litigation that impact the day to day operations of all types of aviation service providers – including, but not limited to, airline personnel, fixed base operators, repair and maintenance stations, charter operators, corporations who lease, own or operate their own aircraft, as well as aviation insurers and brokers.

Our knowledgeable contributors will discuss topics such as recent decisions and litigation, legal trends, airworthiness directives, regulatory interpretations, FAA counsel opinions, and FAA enforcement actions on a consistent basis that will provide guidance to cover any eventuality. We look forward to sharing with you.