Aviation & Climate Change: as seen by some Brits

“Aviation is a rogue industry on a runway to nowhere…”

…New runway proposals at Heathrow and beyond are the right answers
– to the wrong question.
The right question is:

 how many flights can the climate withstand?

A British Airways passenger jet takes of at Heathrow airport

So says Damian Carrington, who writes an environmental blog at the Guardian. His article is an interesting read, and fully relevant to many of the problems so common to aviation in the U.S.: PR spin by the Av-Gov complex, mindless subsidies, excessive airport growth, lack of top-level regulation, noise and other impacts. And, the comments submitted in response are mostly mindful, articulate, and thought-provoking.

Here are the opening paragraphs…

In the debate over building new runways in the UK, we are getting a lot of new answers – to the wrong questions. A huge lobbying effort has successfully changed the argument from whether we need more tarmac for more flights to how many new runways we need and where should they be laid.
The turbo-charge to the lobbying comes from the prospect of short-term economic growth, sought at any cost by the government. In contrast, the issue of the heavy and fast growing impact of aviation emissions on climate change has faded like a vapour trail in the hurricane force PR campaign.
The fundamental problem is that aviation is a rogue industry, darting across international borders to escape climate justice. While paying lip service to environmental concerns, its masters use the complexity of attempting to curb the carbon emissions of a global business to avoid any curbs at all….