Big Changes in Polar Sea Ice and Ocean Heat Up-wellings

A very interesting website provides graphs, photos, and links to studies related to how our world is changing. The graph below shows the ice volume in the Arctic, with months color-coded, and the progression of years sequenced around the perimeter. Note the very substantial changes by comparing the end of each color at the 2012 or 2013 plots with the ends of the same color lines in the year 1979. For example, February has declined from 30,000 cubic kilometers of ice in 1979 to 18,000 cubic kilometers of ice in 2013; September has declined from 17,000 cubic kilometers of ice in 1979 to roughly 3,000 cubic kilometers of ice in 2012.

Those who love to study data will enjoy this website:

The latest news item being presented is the large pool of intensely warmed water that is being measured in the East Pacific, triggering what is projected to be a ‘Super El Niño’ cycle. Essentially, energy has been down-welling into the ocean in recent years, but the other half of that cycle – the up-welling – is now commencing. A growing area is measuring at more than ten degrees Fahrenheit above normal temperatures. Importantly, weather is driven by energy in the atmosphere. Thus, this added heat will drive stronger and more frequent weather events.