Do They Even Care?

Tens of thousands of U.S. airport neighbors are severely impacted by FAA’s imposed NextGen routes. They complain, and elected officials complain, yet nothing gets done. FAA officials just do not care.

Tens of thousands of airline support employees have seen their jobs outsourced, and the airlines then pay them indirectly, through contracts. Lower pay, less stability. The wrong kind of trickle-down; wages slide downward to barely enough to survive, let alone raise a family. Meanwhile, airline CEOs making millions focus on new ways to suck more money out of people. If it is not about money, they seem not to care.

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Is ‘compassion’ just a spoken word? Something you refer to in front of a camera, just to look good? What prevents an airline CEO like Doug Parker from DEMANDING that the employees who support his profitable business earn wages sufficient to support their families?

Do the FAA officials and the Airline CEOs even care?