FAA’s Drone Registry is Clearly Excessive … Yet Ineffective and Serves No Valid Purpose

Heritage Foundation has posted an excellent article that gets past the spin/hype/distortion that FAA has deployed in their recently imposed ‘Drone Registry’. A strong case exists to show that FAA’s real intent is simply to ‘look busy’, as they very publicly impose regulations upon flying toys made of foam and typically weighing far less than your average duck. Notably, too, during the six decades before the registry was started in December, FAA had consciously chosen to let model aircraft operators ‘self-regulate’ … even with much heavier and far more dangerous powered model aircraft (in fact, there was even a history of model airplane accidents with injuries and even fatalities).

The article, Purposeless Regulation: The FAA Drone Registry, was written by Jason Snead and John-Michael Seibler. Here is a copy:

This pop-out view is scrollable, and the PDF copy may be downloaded.

Due to its clear arbitrariness, this major FAA policy shift is at the core of a lawsuit, Taylor v. FAA, filed on 12/24/2015. Mr. Taylor argues that FAA violated Congress’ UAS guidance in the last FAA Authorization … the same horrible legislation which FAA used to justify NextGen impacts without environmental review (see the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, 2/14/2012).

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