FOIA: A Neo-Journalist Calls for Less Government Transparency

It’s a sad day when a person such as Matthew Yglesias, pretending to be a journalist, advocates AGAINST transparency by public officials. (Q: has the term been created yet, can we just call him a neo-journalist?[1])

Below is an interesting pair of articles, archived in PDF form. The articles evolved out of ‘scandals’ engineered by the mainstream media, related to the Hillary Clinton campaign. This all connects in no small part to the extraordinarily revealing online document disclosures by Wikileaks and others, including:

Whether we are talking about presidential candidates or federal agencies, it is beyond dispute that the People need transparency and accountability by our public servants, and where transparency is impeded, there will be no accountability.

Click on the images below for a scrollable view;
original articles: Yglesias, Taibbi;
downloadable PDF files: Yglesias, Taibbi.

[1] The prefix ‘neo’ seems to have taken on a new meaning of ‘false and intentionally deceptive’, as in ‘neoconservative’ and ‘neoliberalism’.

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