Forum on December 3rd: “The Spirit of Rebellion Still Resides in Boston”

The ongoing NextGen impacts near Boston’s Logan International Airport [KBOS] resulted in HUGE attendance at a December 3rd forum, with 600 people showing up! Boston Globe covered it with a news article. […alternatively, see a PDF of the article on page two of this Post, including analysis footnotes by]

When people in one community stand up about things that need to be fixed, and when the local media does their job covering the story, people elsewhere take notice. The word gets out and others talk about it. Here is a comment between two Long Island residents, who have been working for years trying to get FAA to clean up terrible noise impacts near the Kennedy [KJFK] and La Guardia [KLGA] airports:

I know the cities and towns affected by the airplane noise. I used to drive through all of them especially Milton because Blue Hill Mountain is in Milton and I went skiing. The other towns are near the water except Somerville which is North of Cambridge.

Here are some really relevant facts:

  1. 600 people showed up at the meeting!
  2. Peter Lynch US Congressman arranged the meeting between the FAA and the neighbors.
  3. Lynch threatened to cut the FAA budget by 25 million dollars to force this meeting.
  4. The Mass Port Authority is like the PANYNJ – big, bureaucratic, and unresponsive.
  5. Todd Friedenberg, Air Traffic Manager promised to resolve the problem but has no plan. Sounds familiar?
  6. State Senator Brian Joyce attended the meeting and made a statement.
  7. Use of NextGen increased flights and noise levels just as we thought.

I have seen the same pattern in Nassau and Queens Counties, where residents are impacted by FAA’s changes at JFK and La Guardia. I saw Grace Meng attend the rally in Queens summer 2014. I attended a meeting hosted by Steve Israel. Katherine Rice has really done nothing except listen. Senator Schumer does not even listen despite handing his staff 150 protests; he will be re-elected because of the Jewish vote. Senator Gillibrand is asleep. State Senator Dean Skelos is useless because he is being investigated for corruption charges. Besides, I never saw him at any anti-noise meetings.

I wish we had a recording of that meeting. The spirit of rebellion still resides in Boston.

Imagine how many thousands would have attended this latest forum, if FAA’s track record had not already disillusioned many of them, or if they were not so busy scrambling just to care for families. And this, in Boston of all places: a birthplace for so many of our proud traditions such as freedom and liberty and individual responsibility.

One sad fact appears to be that FAA – along with the industry ‘stakeholders’ they serve first and foremost – is ‘collaboratively’ destroying the democratic process. By simply delaying on and on, and pretending to act, the Av-Gov complex is burning out our best people: those who used to care enough to speak up, to participate, to help solve problems.

If we do not reverse this trend, we will soon have a nation run by unaccountable bureaucrats, manipulating the process while serving greedy money interests, and destroying quality of life for an impacted populace that is fully cynical and disempowered and disillusioned.