GANews: ‘Polls show voters overwhelmingly oppose privatizing ATC’

General Aviation News, one of the oldest periodicals serving GA and based in the Seattle area, posted the above headline. The article went on to discuss a telephone survey of 801 registered voters conducted in mid-August by Global Strategy Group. Officials with the polling company concluded that voters are very clearly expressing an “if-it-ain’t-broke don’t fix it” attitude about FAA and so-called ATC privatization.

A more focused discussion ensued between two GANews readers. One person argued for ‘privatization’ on the premise that FAA is so broken, gosh, we’ve got do something. The other person argued that ‘privatization’ of ATC will only make things worse, by further insulating FAA and ATC from accountability, for example:

“Privatization of the ATC and/or FAA is a very bad idea. It is not efficient and a waste of time and money.

Mr. Schuster, Congress will lose control over the agency just like AMTRAK. There will be no one to hold their feet to the fire when things go wrong. More monies will be wasted just thru the added bureaucracy. Also don’t forget about the additional time factor of everything.

There really are some people within the FAA and ATC system who really try to do the right thing but as with all organizations there are politics. If your idea of privatization happens then a completely new set of politics will rule and nothing will ever get done or done correctly.

I know – I have worked for a very large organization for over 32 years and many of the higher ups play the game so they can maintain their position because they enjoy manipulating things. They are not looking for solutions. It’s called “Job Security”, and WHY? Because they can. Plain and simple.

ATC Privatization is wrong and a very bad idea in this instance.

The full interchange is an interesting read, accurately presenting the two sides of the argument. Click on page two for a scrollable PDF created to cleanly present the back-and-forth between these two readers: