Global Action Week Against Aviation Growth & Airport Expansion Projects

About ‘System Change, not Climate Change!’

“System Change, not Climate Change!”20160912cpy-ssk-logo-systemchange-not-climatechange-based-austria is the name taken by an Austrian climate justice advocacy organization, as well as the slogan used by the global climate justice movement. The group was formed in spring 2015, prior to the COP21 Paris conference on climate change.

At the core, their mission is “…to show that climate change is not an isolated issue but rather a crisis that interlinks with the economy and our way of living and thus socio-environmental change is needed in every sector of our lives: agriculture, energy, transport, employment and so on.”

The group’s work also emphasizes exposing and debunking greenwash. The aviation industry is famous for spending huge amounts of money creating propaganda that obscures the many adverse impacts of aviation. For example, see the latest 80-page report by ATAG, ‘Aviation – Benefits Beyond Borders’. As another propaganda example, there is a steady stream of disinformation being created to assuage the growing CO2 generation concerns of responsible air travellers by offering biofuels as a magic techno-fix.