¡¿Happy Earth Day, Mr. Huerta?!

FAA’s PR staff posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning. Below are copies of the comments submitted as of mid-afternoon, two days later. Names, photos, ‘like’ tallies, and other data have been removed, but are viewable at the 4/22/2015 post on the original FAA Facebook page.
“Agreed with Gwen & Gail… Concentrating all the noise & pollution on certain areas does not help the environment. It just makes those unfortunate people sick & their neighborhoods unlivable. And if you truly cared about the environment, you wouldn’t violate the spirit of NEPA and issue blanket CATEXs on NextGen flight paths.
“My, oh, my… how high the piles will fly!!”
“FAA drove me out of my historic PHX home by arbitrarily changing flight paths and disregarding federal historic preservation laws. Agency seems to believe that they are above the law.
“Yes, how would the FAA know when they refuse to perform Environmental Impact Studies and just change flight paths at will over cities without any advance notice, creating extreme noise pollution, and dumping toxic soot on residential communities.”
The FAA is an out of control Government Agency that implemented NextGen without any Impact Studies on the new flight paths and no notice to the residents it effects. NextGen has created EXTREME NOISE and Fuel Pollution over the homes you now fly at low altitude. You are not a good Earth Day participant. You are good for the Airlines and lobbies to make more money for them at the expense of the US Citizens. You have no reason to celebrate Earth Day with the NextGen roll out disaster.
How insulting is to see the FAA using our tax money putting out false statements about NextGen, especially today, on Earth Day. It saves fuel, sure but what they don’t say is that because of that they send more planes in the sky. We, the people living under the RNAV paths – “Highways in the Sky” have learned the truth the hard way. The FAA has no consideration for bringing this noise Armageddon over previously quiet neighborhoods.”
“Let’s be serious. Ultra fines don’t help beautify the world. The FAA needs to work with the people down below to minimize the impacts from above.”
“NextGen routes crowd many more airplanes over a specific area, dropping more pollution into one space than previous. Because of this crowding, many flights fly dangerously low and because of a lack of imagination, Next Gen routes suffer from no “dispersion”, meaning, certain specific populations suffer the monstrous noise impact that is inherently Nextgen.
How Dare You try to sell NextGen for Earth Day? More flights than ever, extremely low over millions of our good homes dumping fuel we can smell in the air, making horrible, searing, noise pollution sounding like 9/11 is about to happened again and again over our rooftops, 1 per minute!!! This is some corporate sham; and we will fight this!!!”
Greenwashing RNAV and NextGen as having an environmental benefit is disingenuous. These concentrated routes are intense noise and air pollution. Congress allowed the FAA to bypass Environmental protections, allowed the FAA to claim that RNAV routes have “no significant impact.” People all over America — Chicago, LA, Boston, NY, Phoenix, Atlanta, etc. — know better. What the FAA cares about isn’t the environment, it’s letting the aviation industry save billions of dollars and being able to cram more and more airplanes onto those Highways in the Sky, disproportionately impacting particular neighborhoods.”
“NextGen has ruined entire neighborhoods all over the country by concentrating the air traffic, with all its noise and pollution, over the same routes so that the jets fly lower, faster, and more frequently (every 60 seconds!) over our heads, with no warning and no recourse for those affected. It’s good for the FAA, good for the airlines, good for business, but for the environment? No way. This post is an insult to Earth Day.
“Thank you for polluting my quiet property with so much noise pollution that I can’t even sit outside anymore! Also for the plummeting property values! Without even asking or educating. Shame on you. You are not above the law.
Concentrating air traffic routes over individual homes, schools, vs industrial, highways, and less populated areas, is not something to celebrate on Earth Day. The fact that Congress gave the FAA a free pass to self-police/regulate on matters of Environmental Impact and no longer under EPA watch/scrutiny, maximizing Airlines profits to the detriment of average Joe, is not to be celebrated on Earth Day.
Next Gen is a disaster for anyone living under the new flight paths. Try “living” with an airplane flying overhead every 2 minutes 24/7 for days on end. The “impact studies” are a farce; they didn’t measure impact at all, just total number of flights combined, NOT total number over a specific area. It’s just one more way of pushing harmful pollution and noise into less affluent areas, and hoping that they can get away with it. The real motivation is to save the airlines money, at our expense. The FAA needs to be made accountable for ruining peoples health and lives.
Lies! I live over one of these NextGen changes and it sucks! They are degrading our downtown with noise pollution. Can’t hear myself talk. They did it all through back channels and the community is fighting them now. FAA you suck!
The FAA is totally captive to the aviation industry. Those of us near Santa Monica airport know that the FAA is a pack of bullies requiring us to suffer from noise and pollution all because a few entitled jet owners want convenience over the safety and comfort of the CITIZENS!”
“It’s amazing how the FAA can still be lying about the effects of Next Gen. Brooklyn and Queens in New York have been suffering severe noise and air pollution as the result of Next Gen, particularly since its implementation last September. Instead of continue being so arrogant, FAA should stop using Next Gen all together and roll back to the old flight path, because clearly, all Next Gen does is to ruin residents’ quality of life and health!!!”
And NextGen is destroying the well-being of entire town populations by routing planes relentlessly and continuously directly over the same air space over and over. The noise pollution is ruining our lives!
To the FAA: Talk is cheap. Free the land in Santa Monica, CA.”
This seems more like an April Fools article. The FAA is not fooling me with this smoke screen. The next generations are in for even more environmental impacts from aviation. Please check out www,jetairpollution.com for some grassroots efforts to address some extreme aviation impacts. It’s time the FAA allows community representation at the discussion table. Happy Earth Day to all.”
How is it that the FAA can permit Airplane Noise Pollution and Fuel Pollution and support Earth Day at the same time?????
Too bad you don’t do the necessary studies before you change flight paths and assault the good citizens in cities across this nation.
“Many communities outside Boston have mobilized and have joined other towns/cities across the company against the endless and unhealthy plane noise and pollution. Here is a link to our site that helps educate and empower. Spread the word. http://www.bosfairskies.com/
BOS Fair Skies Coalition was formed by residents in Milton and surrounding communities to ensure we have a voice in airport issues and reduce the impact levels of airplane pollution and noise in our neighborhoods.”
Thank you, Forcing Arrogant Atrocities. Take city planning, completely disregard it, don’t consult any local experts, perform woefully inadequate and shoddy impact studies, and crap all over the residents. Guess you learned your lesson with MSP that socialization only leads to valueable feedback that actually considers community impact, so that should be skipped. The FAA is epitome of why people do not trust the government.”
We live on 3rd Street in Park Slope Brooklyn, a beautiful block which has turned into an intolerable hell with roaring airplanes buzzing our house every 40 seconds. This is torture and we need to work together to find a way to get our peaceful skies and lives back. WE ARE BEGGING YOU FAA.”
This is total crap. The FAA ruined peoples lives with their new “NextGen” flight path. Even as I am typing this a plane is flying over my house loudly. How dare they make a change like this and not notify or even give us a chance to vote on it! I have 50+ planes a day fly over my house in Laveen AZ and it is ridiculous. The FAA may think they are helping the environment but the noise pollution and lives they have disrupted and the values lost in our homes is a far worse issue. We will fight this!! Screw you FAA. How dare you use Earth Day to promote your lies and and Nextgen.. Thank you for all the lives you have ruined”
This is a joke….right?
Is this a joke?
“Who are they kidding with this ad? When will the FFA and EPA stop piston aircraft from using leaded fuel and polluting our air? FAA protects the big money interests, not the general public.
“The airplanes hurt my sensitive little pug ears.”
I have come to consider the faa and the aviation industry a rogue industry accountable to no one.
That’s clearly a joke. You’re currently polluting our neighborhoods with jet residue and maddening noise levels. Much of Phoenix has gone from a pleasant neighborhood to a place where we now can’t carry on a conversation because the planes are so loud and so frequent. They failed to perform environmental studies before changing flight paths so the airlines could save a buck, yet they tout their earth day spirit. None of us have slept well since the day the FAA changed the flight paths, and many people are suffering from anxiety and medical conditions as a result. Way to go, you awesome earth savers, you! How about solving the problem YOU created in a useful and meaningful way and doing the right thing for this city?”
“So FFA what is the black soot that I clean off my pool deck three times a week?”
“The FAA is seriously polluting my small piece of Earth.”
Stop the untruths.
“We’re excited to see the benefits of the latest NextGen technologies in the metroplex! Happy Earth Day!”
“Only one earth care & share”
Propaganda… See, it and avoid
what a farce NextGen is: Lies and deceit; environmental “reviews” with no basis in facts; The ruination of quiet neighborhoods; destruction of property values without any compensation. Its Federal government bullying at its worst, and they claim to be celebrating Earth Day? George Orwell could not have written such scenario.”
The FAA is a fiefDom. Their motto, “you’re the flying public, so put up with it”.
Flight paths are similar to freeways. You can’t radically change the route without public comments, votes, etc… Freeways are noisy and no one wants to live under one.
Cutting route corners is all you did in Phoenix. Airlines saved a little more $ and to hell with the public!
Noise pollution is not earth friendly in Phoenix.
The FAA et. al., and the NAC are alleged to be lost in your own dream world of Nextgen. A $25-B project ballooned into $40-B without any oversight or accountability to the taxpayers on the (IRS funded) project. Through knowingly and intentionally avoiding the law and Congress’ directives, you continue to choose your own path…that is to your own demise. The Apostle Paul aptly wrote Timothy in his second letter expressing the heart condition of men in these last day referring to men “without self-control” which means being greedy. (see 2 Tim 3: 1-4) So why are you as individuals and as a government Agency so greedy and will not obey the Constitution for the United States and Federal Laws?
Instead, you imply the covering of your manifested sins in an array of self-approval through the use of Earth Day and you environmental-less efforts. You have no concept of Earth Day and you have no concept of the total environment and our delicate ecosystems. You elect to exchange the concept of one pollutant as CO2 in exchange for noise pollution at a sever cost to human health and the total environment, as well as flight safety issues and decline of property values.
You are not beyond reproach and are to be held accountable for your acts and omissions. You need to correct this bad course and make good to those you serve as government servants, do the right thing…man up and owe up to your transgressions.”
“This airplane noise is really pissing me off. Of all human oppressors the ones at the FAA are the worst.
“Happy Earth Day! #EarthDay2015 #FlyNextGen at Santa Monica Airport!”
“Me too Frank The’Pug. The airplanes hurt my ears too. The noise makes me howl.
“Earth Day. I challenge anyone to read the end of the world predictions by prominent scientists in 1970 when Earth Day was created. They never came to be and sound like the doom and gloom of today’s prophets who claim the world is coming to an end with Man Made Climate Change. The FAA needs to keep NextGen out of politics.”
I hope we will get a chance to enjoy cleaner air but first we have to survive the ultrafine particles and concentrated noise which will likely kill us first.
“The FAA made this change without regard to the wildlife in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Hawks and owls have been replaced by jets. Our peace and serenity has been replaced with the sound of speed brakes.”
NextGen should be marketed for what it is – a program to save the airlines time and money while completely disregarding the noise pollution and quality of life costs on people who happen to live under the new routes. Please spare us the lame effort to “greenwash” NextGen.
“I would add my voice to all those finding criticizing the FAA for using Earth Day to promote their NextGen program given the impact of the NextGen changes destroying my world with added noise all done without advising of the change or holding environmental impact studies.”
“Humanity needs to step up.”
Here’s what the FAA and NEXT GEN is doing to Milton, MA: Most days we have 400+ low-flying planes over our rooftops every 1-3 minutes for 16-18 hours a day. Planes are very loud and spray hundreds of dangerous chemicals onto our BBQs, reduce sleep quality and most importantly – thousands of residents inhale plane emissions into their lungs, which is simply not healthy.”