House Subcommittee on Aviation to Hold 6-15-2016 Hearing on ATC Issues


  1. Teri Bristol ‘assisted’ by Rickie Cannon, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management [AHR]
  2. 6/10/2016, ‘Summary of Subject Matter’ (PDF, 6p)
  3. Testimonies ended, (R) Shuster started questions at 10:48 EDT.
  4. (D) DeFazio questions start at 10:54. Establishes that Babbitt was on a commission in 1992 that concluded ATC reorganization (not privatization). Then asked good pointed questions about the Bio-Q test… responses by Cannon, who insists the Bio-Q is valid.
  5. At this point (time 11:08), Bristol is under fire re Bio-Q, and routinely having Cannon answer all the pointed questions. My question: was Cannon involved at all in the process that created Bio-Q, and in the efforts by NBCFAE leaders to give ‘tips’ on how to answer questions, to their members? Who was the FAA-HR person who facilitated this cheating and biased favoritism?
  6. ~11:13: (D) Lipinski asked about a recent ATC failure at KMDW, around midnight; Bristol assures an investigation is happening.
  7. 11:15: (R) Mica questions.
  8. 11:43: Teri Bristol answers a question saying, “I don’t think it’s hard to get rid of someone.” Yeah, especially whistleblowers… so long as NATCA ‘collaborates’ on the retaliation.
  9. 12:19: (R) Davis closed the hearing.