Hundreds Attend Meeting to Protest NextGen Noise Impacts in Northern California

Bay Area elected officials are putting some pressure on FAA to fix impact problems created by the botched NextGen implementation. An estimated 450+ people attended a public meeting held at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on May 25th.

FAA Regional Administrator Glen Martin flew up from LA to deliver his same old monotone pretension that FAA cares and is ‘working on it’ (see his comments beginning at time 0:58 on this news video). Mr. Martin’s speech is a near carbon-copy of his monotone delivery to Phoenix residents in October 2014 (click here to view that video as well as a transcript). Notably, there has been ZERO REAL PROGRESS in Phoenix in the subsequent 19-months! In fact, FAA’s failure to act has instead generated legal actions by residents of newly sleep-deprived neighborhoods. On top of that, the problem is ongoing across the nation, especially at the busiest airline hubs: Boston, LaGuardia, JFK, Baltimore, DC National, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle. All this solely to enable the airlines to make turns closer to the airport, at lower altitudes, to increase airline profits.

See also this radio interview of one of the many bright aviation noise impact activists in the Bay Area, Ben Shelef:

Curious why people are upset? Check out this simple video by a family living under the impacting routes: