IMPACT: Skydiving Noise

Below is a list of communities with documented skydiving noise impacts, as well as a list of locations with proposed skydiving operations. Links to further information on each airport are included.
This list is under construction. Readers are encouraged to forward other Skydiving-Noise impact locations to be added to these lists.

Current Skydiving-Noise Impact Airports:

Casa Grande, AZ: Casa Grande Municipal Airport [KCGZ]
Cloverdale, CA: Cloverdale Municipal Airport [O60]
Longmont, CO: Vance Brand Airport [KLMO]
Lawrence, KS: Lawrence Municipal Airport [KLWC]
Chatham, MA: Chatham Municipal Airport [KCQX]
Tecumseh, MI: Meyers-Diver’s Airport [3TE]
Lancaster, OH: Fairfield County Airport [KLHQ]
Molalla, OR: Skydive Oregon Airport [OL05]
Mulino, OR: Mulino State Airport [4S9]
Tullahoma, TN: Tullahoma Regional Airport/William Northern Field [KTHA]
Oak Harbor, WA: AJ Eisenberg Airport [KOKH]

Proposed Skydiving Airports:

San Martin, CA: San Martin Airport [E16]
Truckee, CA: Truckee Tahoe Airport [KTRK]
Gilford, NH: Laconia Municipal Airport [KLCI]