Is AOPA ‘Muck-Raking’ on Santa Monica Airport?

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For more than three decades now, neighbors near KSMO have struggled to regain control of their local airport, but FAA has thrown an endless series of delay tactics back at them. Last Fall, the local voters overwhelmingly passed Measure LC – and defeated Measure D, a competing ‘no-changes-to-the-airport’ measure heavily funded from a distance by AOPA, NBAA and other aviation interest groups. Many locals are eager to move forward, and a few aviation interests want nothing to change; meanwhile, FAA still delays … and delays … and delays.

A few weeks ago, the Santa Monica City Council followed a ‘best-practice’ commonly used by many healthy communities: they invited dozens of their most active citizens to attend a retreat and go through a process to refine goals. Three hours later the list was done, and the top three items included both the airport and affordable housing. Good for them. Then, a few weeks later, AOPA’s PR people posted a spin attempt with the contextually absurd headline: “Santa Monica puts airport ahead of homelessness”

The article includes a quote by the AOPA president, saying: “It’s almost laughable that the city’s ongoing attempts to close the airport would take precedence over trying to address issues like homelessness, infrastructure, and education, but that’s essentially what the city council has decided.”


For an unbiased report, just click on page two to read a copy of an article by Nick Cervantes, of the Santa Monica Lookout. He discusses the 40-participants who spent 3-hours at the Sunday retreat to arrive at their newest priorities.