JetSuiteX Blowing Off Airport Authorities, Still Planning Scheduled Flights Out of Santa Monica

The article below, by Kate Cagle and appearing in the Santa Monica Daily Press, includes a line where the JetSuiteX CEO states that 500 tickets have already been sold to travelers with Santa Monica zip codes.

Here’s a few points to ponder:

  • JetSuiteX made their announcement and opened online sales in early December. So, these sales are after a full month and a half of online promotions.
  • JetSuiteX promoted sales by including a discount for residents of Santa Monica (which appears to be illegal, as it is discriminatory; why not offer full price to barrio residents, but a 40% discount to those living in gated communities … or the other way around?).
  • The subcontractor who will actually fly these trips under JetSuiteX is ‘Delux Public Charter’, and they will be using passenger jets that seat 30 passengers.
  • So, if 500 tickets have been sold to Santa Monicans, they have sold enough seats to fill just 17 flights, which equates to less than two weeks of scheduled flights.
  • As of January 26th, the advertised JetSuiteX schedule looks like this:
    • a total of just ten Santa Monica departures per week, starting February 6.
    •  reservations can be made through the month of April, but there are no sales after April.
    • two departures to Las Vegas (only on Friday and Sunday)
    • four departures to Carlsbad (only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
    • four departures to San Jose (only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).
  • And, how about the price? Is it a good deal?
    • The lowest fares available online are rarely available, at $29 to Carlsbad, $99 for Las Vegas, and $99 to San Jose.
    • For each destination, where cheap seats were no longer available, the lowest available fare could be as high as $109 for Carlsbad and $219 for Las Vegas or San Jose.
    • By comparison, going to the Southwest Airlines website established that there are seven daily flights from Burbank to San Jose, and eleven daily flights from LAX to San Jose, and nearly all offer $59 seats. Fares from Burbank and LAX to Las Vegas are also substantially lower on Southwest, while again offering many more daily nonstop flights to both San Jose and Las Vegas. In March, Alaska is starting three daily flights from Burbank to San Jose, with a $69 fare.
  • And, how about security? What damage might be done by a 30-passenger Embraer departing Santa Monica if an unscreened passenger takes over with an intent to commit terrorism? Can FAA and TSA continue to ignore the potential for terrorism using smaller aircraft, or 30-seat commercial planes?
Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.