‘Just Say No to Jets’ — In Santa Monica

Joe Marrapodi was interviewed for a column in the Santa Monica Daily Press. As a final question, he was asked: Is there anything you’d like to share with the Santa Monica community? Here is what he said:

“The Santa Monica Airport has a rich history with the city, but with the relatively recent explosion of jet traffic, the airport is no longer in balance with the community. Jet fumes cause cancer, birth defects, and are a serious health issue for growing children.

Please, Santa Monica, the jets were never welcome and now they need to go.”

There are many in and around Santa Monica Airport who agree with this, and if the FAA will cooperate, this could happen this year. The few jets using KSMO can easily and more efficiently use the bigger and better-suited airports (KBUR, KVNY and KLAX are closest).

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