[KSMO] Update: City Issues 30-Day Notices for Both Airport FBO’s to Vacate

Here are some archived screen captures re the Atlantic Aviation franchise at KSMO. As seen in the locations map, this is a major FBO with more than 65 franchises nationwide. Atlantic is based in Plano, TX, and is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation.

The business caters primarily to high-end travel, such as bizjets and air charter. Other SoCal locations include facilities at KLAXKBUR (Burbank), KSBA (Santa Barbara), KCRQ (Carlsbad), KSNA (Orange County), and KPSP (Palm Springs). Operations at KSMO could easily be absorbed by these other airports. Because bizjets generally perform comparably to commercial airliners (in terms of speeds and climb/descent rates), the overall ATC efficiency would actually be improved by ending jet access at KSMO.


screencap showing more than 65 Atlantic locations nationwide


screencap listing services by both KSMO FBOs. Note the high fuel costs by Atlantic, far above averages at other FBOs.


screencap showing main webpage for Atlantic’s KSMO facility (click on image to view source)


screencap showing Atlantic’s ‘services’ webpage; note emphasis on business aircraft (click on image to view source)


A news item posted at the Atlantic Aviation website, noting the trend toward more elite air travel to ‘special events’ using private jets and charter jets. (click on image to view source news item)