Mainstream Media: Informing the Asylum?

In rural Belfair, Washington – in the quiet bucolic area north of Olympia – a guy in his forties shoots and kills four family members. A police SWAT team arrives at the home and the man then kills himself. News coverage commences.

One news article produces a graphic, showing how many ‘mass shootings’ we have had so far this year, in the evident uncivil war zone some call ‘the United States’:20160227scp.. Mass Shootings in U.S. so far 2016The incident quickly blends into the daily grind, becoming ‘just another tragedy’. We all get back to the business that the mainstream media wants us to find more important: spider veins, cooking with eggs, testing our Bible knowledge, etc.

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The closing paragraphs of the article at And, links to other stories ‘we might also like’ after reading about a family mass shooting. Really?

The layers of lunacy; so many, and so entangled. Where does the insanity begin, and when did the sanity end? Are we as sick a people as this story suggests?