[ARCHIVE] 2016-10-03 A Rift Between Hillary & Bernie, Due to Her Comments in February?

At a Primary campaign stop in McLean, VA, last February, Hillary Clinton disparaged both Bernie Sanders and the younger demographic who overwhelmingly supported Bernie’s platform. An audio recording was posted by Washington Free Beacon, and Breitbart followed with additional news articles, including a transcript of the relevant portion of Hillary’s comments. By Sunday morning, the issue had boiled up to the point where Jake Tapper asked Bernie a series of questions. Although Bernie stated he was OK with Hillary’s comments, hours later his campaign ‘joint appearances’ with her were scrapped … suggesting a rift.

Bear in mind, McLean, VA is ground zero for lobbyists and revolving-door feds, the sort of people who will make an establishment-serving candidate very at ease, more inclined to say what she really feels. McLean, VA is her base, so to speak.

Many of us love the campaign Bernie ran, and what the man stands for. It really hurts to see him campaigning now for Hillary, even more so when he defends her serial misbehaviors and perpetual lack of ethics.

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