Bino Runs 4 Bernie

Bernie inspires, and the inspiration is paid forward.

On June 1st, Michael Gibino, a 34-yr-old Minnesotan who later succeeded in being chosen as one of the DFL Party at-large delegates for his state, announced his plan to go to the convention in Philadelphia – on foot. Michael is an ultrarunner, and his goal is to average 40-miles per day on the 1,200-mile trek. He started out on June 25th, and is passing through Chicago today the Fourth of July. He is also fundraising, to support both his convention costs and a local charity, Mile in My Shoes.

Makes me want to go for a run! The least I can do is to promote Michael’s #BernieorBust spirit! Check it out, and please offer a small donation if you can.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

His route/calendar is posted here.

PAGE CREATED: 2016-07-04