Declaration Of Disillusioned & Disenfranchised Democratic Voters

Below is an HTML version of an online Declaration, aimed at helping U.S. voters to climb out of the deepening pit of oligarchic control that is destroying both major parties. Minor font formatting has been added to improve readability from the original online document.

Declaration of

Disillusioned & Disenfranchised

Democratic Voters

Long before the Democratic primary season began, many of our elected officials had already pledged their superdelegate votes to Hillary Clinton. From the start Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials were already raising funds for Hillary, which was against their rules. The DNC set the initial debate schedule of only 6 sanctioned debates, the first one not occurring until October, to the clear detriment of lesser known candidates. These actions made it clear to the public that many of our democratic leaders were NOT interested in a fair and democratic primary process.

President Carter declared last summer that our government is now ruled by wealthy elites in the form of oligarchy. A recent Princeton University study found that there is a NEAR ZERO chance that our current government responds to the will of The People. It is, however Very Responsive to the will of corporation owners and the wealthy elite. Many of our elected officials and candidates, including Secretary Clinton, are corrupted by the influence of money. By selling their political power they have not only corrupted our government, but have also opened our election process to corruption, fraud, and abuse.

Corporation owners have also turned what used to be our ‘news’ organizations into well-controlled propaganda machines. This has had a very detrimental effect on our society and our elections. Democracy cannot exist without a free press. We must take care when listening to corporate-owned media to distinguish their agenda and misinformation from the facts. Because so many of our elected officials make the goals of the wealthy elite their priority, we must also consider all they say to us to be ‘propaganda’ as well. We must keep in mind that their actions, votes, words, and positions on issues are mainly in service to their Big Money donors and most often DO NOT serve the public’s interests. We must make sure that our family, friends, and communities understand this.

At a time when over 80% of Americans agree that we want the influence of Big Money OUT of our politics, Democratic Party leaders chose to change party rules last summer and allow unprecedented Big Money donations to flow through state parties in support of Hillary Clinton. This allowed her biggest donors to give more than the usual limits would allow as it flowed through the states into the Hillary Victory Fund Super PAC. NOW the DNC is putting the Oligarchy ‘in charge of’ the Democratic National Convention. They have placed lobbyists in leadership positions and have made the Comcast Corporation along with many other wealthy donors, including some Republicans, the ‘hosts’ of the convention.

The Oligarchy ruling our country has corrupted BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties. It has served the Corporate Media Owners’ political agendas to give BILLIONARE Donald Trump 24/7, Wall To Wall, FREE coverage just as it has served them to barely cover Bernie Sanders at all. It appears that Mr. Trump is being used as a tool to try to manipulate us or ‘herd’ us like sheep into voting for their preferred choice, Hillary Clinton. This Oligarchy excels at war for profit and draining the wealth, life, and well-being out of our country as well as others. They are very skilled at using fear and division to control and manipulate us. This is why people all over the world are asking US to unite, to stand up and fight for democracy, and to put an end to the abuse.

Many of the reported democratic primary election results have been far off from the exit polls, beyond the margin of error, in favor of Hillary Clinton. Every instance is an indication of election fraud. This is the case even in states where Bernie Sanders won. Combining this with numerous and extreme forms of voter suppression across the country, including voter registrations being mysteriously altered or unusually purged, and hundreds of thousands being forced to vote on provisional ballots that will never be counted, we have no reason to accept the results as reported. Americans are asking, who can WE turn to for help to monitor OUR elections, ranked WORST among Western democracies. WE WILL NOT accept the certification of election results based on blatant irregularities and overt fraud. Politicians and pundits tell us to do the math, so we are, and it just doesn’t add up. Given that these primary elections and the democratic process have been so corrupted, we believe that if they had been remotely fair and democratic, Bernie Sanders would already be the democratic nominee for president.

We reject rule by the Oligarchy. We reject Hillary Clinton as a candidate and consider her to be a representative of the Oligarchy. We reject the notion that she has any kind of ‘lead’ in this rigged election process as election fraud worked in her favor. We reject a convention led by lobbyists and other representatives of the Oligarchy. We insist that democracy prevail and elected officials support the candidate of The People. We also reject the notion that another candidate that has not even been voted for in this primary, could be chosen by the Oligarchy as a replacement.

WE demand open primaries, automatic voter registration, and paper ballots with verification processes to protect the veracity of our elections in all 50 states and all territories. We reject the use of hackable, unverifiable voting machines, PERIOD! We want a constitutional right to vote, equal opportunity to vote, and the restoration of the voting rights act. We will be relentless in our pursuit of a constitutional amendment to make it clear that corporations are NOT people and money is NOT equal to speech. We must enact public funding of elections and anti-corruption laws so that our elected officials will represent the priorities of the people they are elected to serve. We require new laws to promote a media that is held accountable for reporting the truth and revealing their biases. WE also INSIST that the well-being of our planet be made a political priority. WE are committed to fighting for all of these changes to establish a government that is of the people, by the people, and for ALL of the people.

Over one million registered democrats have signed a copy of this document. Together WE declare, that WE SEE what is going on, and WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT! WE invite ALL of our elected officials to JOIN US in our fight to restore democracy. To all who fight against corruption, you are our heroes. We say to the rest of our politicians and superdelegates, you can either continue to cater to the Oligarchy or bend to the will of the people, toward democracy. If you continue to promote oligarchy, WE WILL strip you of your power and our first step will be to leave the Democratic Party.

Click here to download/print a PDF copy of the original Declaration.