Mora, MN: FAA Wasting Millions to Add a Crosswind Runway Through a Wetland & Wildlife Area

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7/29/2004 Final Environmental Assessment

(307p) copy from FAA, but not a signed copy; created by contractor SEH.
10/1/2004 FONSI for EA

(4p) signed by FAA’s Nancy Nistler.
4/19/2015 Hold Out Holds On in Eminent Domain Standoff over Airport Expansion’

(2p) article by Tom Steward, FreedomFoundationMN.
5/29/2015 ‘Mora Municipal Airport fuel leak fixed’

(1p) article by Kirsten Faurie,
8/14/2015 City postpones crosswind runway’

(2p) article by Kirsten Faurie,
9/19/2015 Mora Airport Fly-In Poster

9/22/2015 After 20 years, FAA push leads city to approve controversial runway

(2p) Tom Steward, article at
9/23/2015 copy MnDOT Airport Page for Mora City, MN

3/15/2016 Greg Yankowiak email to FAA’s Josh Fitzpatrick, with 2 pictures, expressing need to update the EA.

3/15/2016 copy City of Mora council minutes, JAN-2001 through JAN-2016

3/15/2016 copy Airport pages from Minnesota Airport Directory & Travel Guide

(2p) (hi-res version).
5/11/2016 letter & packet for City Council 5-17-2016 meeting

(3p) created by contractor SEH Engineering.
6/4/2016 Wrong Place for an Unneeded Runway, Yet FAA Pushes On

6/4/2016 Further Info re: The Crosswind Runway Project at Mora, Minnesota [KJMR]

6/22/2016 Written Re-Evaluation of the 2004 EA

(74p) created by contractor SEH Engineering.
6/22/2016 SEH Engineering letter to Greg Yankowiak

7/18/2016 Letter opposing crosswind runway proposal

(2p) signed by Collette Adkins, Center for Biological Diversity.
7/20/2016 Letter to FAA’s Josh Fitzpatrick, opposing crosswind runway

(4p) Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, signed by Kathryn Hoffman & Brandon Pakkebier.
7/21/2016 ‘CARE – Citizens Against Runway Expansion’ Petition

(3p) collected 430 signatures thus far.
8/11/2016 Status on the Crosswind Runway proposal at KJMR

An aiREFORM email to Josh Fitzpatrick, the assigned Environmental Protection Specialist at FAA’s Regional Airport District Office.