More Letters: Congress Needs to Add Impact Amendments Before Passing Reauthorization

How this letter came to be:

During the 8/16 Sky Justice National Network teleconference, Jana Goldenberg suggested participants across the nation needed to come together with a letter to counter recent aviation industry letters to the Senate. Many thought it was a good idea. The next week, Jana and Elaine Miller (also with PlaneSense4LI) made a huge effort to contact Facebook groups across the nation, to start to draft a letter and to gain signatories. A draft created by Elaine was then shared with Jeff Lewis at aiREFORM. After some back-and-forth edits and discussions, the final draft was done. At this point, Elaine and Jana again made a huge effort to share the draft and solicit signatories.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.