New Airport Pages at

Aviation Impact Reform is pleased to announce the completion of a major project related to information on U.S. airports. Nearly 850 webpages were developed, including:

  • a set of 50 webpages, with each offering data and links for the key airports in each state, and
  • nearly 800 webpages for a variety of U.S. airports, including all with air traffic control towers.

We hope you will find this to be a very valuable resource for researching any or all of these U.S. airports. Be sure to explore around, too; the pages are loaded with dozens of links to charts, images, and data.

Search Tips:

Some reorganizing of files was done, to clean up filenames and support future expansion. This may cause searches using old web addresses to fail, but this issue should be only temporary.

During the transition, please consider the following search tips, which will help you locate individual airport pages:

  • The easiest way, if you know the airport code, is to scroll through the stack of 793 links, on page two of the Post. Each link goes directly to the individual airport page.
  • Or, you can use the blue links above and click on the state. So, if you want to view the webpage for Charlotte [KCLT] or Kinston, NC [KINT], click on the North Carolina [NC] link, then scroll through (or use a find function) to view the data on your particular airport. Within the state airport list data, click on the link to access the individual airport page (e.g., KCLT).
  • Also, web browser searches using the airport code  for major airports (e.g., “aireform KLAX”) will generate search results that will include a link to the actual airport webpage. Web browser searches using the airport code for lesser airports (e.g., “aireform KCCR“) should generate search results that will include a link to the webpage for the state that will include your specified airport.
  • content is readily accessible via the short list of links under +aiR+ CONTENT’, in the top left corner of the main web pages.