New Monthly Record for CO2: 401.33 ppm

Scripps Institution of Oceanography announced that the average CO2 levels recorded for the month of April were an all-time high, at 401.33 parts per million. Here is a tweet announcing this fact, as well as a graph showing the CO2 data going back to the year 1700.

Even more significantly, throughout the entire 200,000 year history of modern Homo sapiens, the Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels have remained within a range of 180ppm and 290ppm. Thus, we have been exceeding this normal range of CO2 values since around 1850. The current average is 38% above the historical high value for atmospheric CO2, and the graph indicates the exceedance is continuing to grow and is not being managed in any way.

This is the air we all breathe; the lungs of Homo sapiens (and other life forms) evolved to breathe an atmosphere that we are rapidly and substantially altering.