NextGen’s Capacity Goals are Only Increasing Aviation Noise and Air Pollution…

…And FAA is Failing to Consider the Impacts on our Children.

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FAA and the moneyed interests in the aviation industry (the airlines, the manufacturers, the employee unions, the contractors and the lobbyists) have been selling the spin for decades: that Aviation is a great economic engine. Well, if you spend a little time researching the facts, and if you recognize that the money invested in aviation-growth would have been invested creating jobs and quality of life in other areas of the economy, you will quickly see that this is just SPIN.

Propaganda. PR. No thanks, FAA, you have better ways to spend our money.

On top of that, there are negative consequences of excessive aviation development. Airport vicinities tend to be blighted for miles, even uninhabitable. A zone where, due to noise and air pollutants, people become sleep-deprived and burdened with asthma and other illnesses. Most residents are quick to move away; only the poorest remain behind, often because they cannot afford to leave.

Aviation noise is known to undermine focus and concentration, critically needed by students. And the air pollutants are connected to IQ loss in growing children. Here are links to the two articles tweeted in the photo above:

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