‘Noise Action Week’ 2016

One of the aviation impact activists in the U.S., MSPFairSkies, tweeted this:

20160531scp.. Great Info Graphic, re NoiseActionWeek (MSPFairSkies tweet re AEF tweet)

(click on image to view the full 3-page infographic; this image is at page 2)

They are correct… this is a good graphic shared by the Aviation Environment Foundation. It helps us see the real and growing impacts of aviation noise, including increases in:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • sleep disturbance
  • annoyance
  • depression and other long-term mental health problems
  • undermining memory & learning in children

The 2016 event was held during the last full week of May, and covered via a website, Further details can be found in the 60-page report, commissioned by HACAN and the Aviation Environment Trust.