Noise Impacts During Construction at Hillsboro Airport

For the past month, Port of Portland has ignored the legal challenge opposing the new parallel runway project, and has been constructing  the FAA-funded runway at Hillsboro. This has forced training helicopters to not use some areas near the center of the airport. Specifically, the southwestern portion of the Charlie Pattern, which historically has handled the vast majority of helicopter training traffic.
20140805.. KHIO Helicopter Patterns A-B-C, ADDED IMPACT AREASResidents in the two red circles may be noticing greater helicopter noise levels. Once construction is done, the new runway will be used primarily for closed pattern traffic, which means past helicopter patterns will be tweaked. The revised Charlie Pattern will shift toward the northeast AND these Charlie Pattern helicopters will tend to be held lower under the increased fixed wing traffic using the parallel runway. Thus, Charlie Pattern noise impacts should increase slightly.

Residents with noise complaints are encouraged to notify the Port of Portland. If the Port is deficient in their handling of your noise complaint, or if you want your concerns compiled with the concerns of others, please contact the administrator.

Here is a copy of the Noise Alert issued by the Port of Portland on 8/5/2014:

Hillsboro Airport – Helicopter Training Alert

Communities near Hillsboro Airport (HIO) may notice an increase in noise generated by helicopter training activities due to runway construction that will begin on August 5, 2014 and continue through September.

During the construction period the Charlie pattern will be reduced in size and it is anticipated that a small number of training helicopters that would normally train in the Charlie pattern, may be diverted to either the Bravo or Alpha patterns.

Thank you for your understanding during these temporary conditions.