Oceans Will Rise more Quickly as Antarctic Ice Melt Accelerates

Increasing levels of CO2 and other atmospheric greenhouse gasses will eventually melt all the ice on Earth and raise sea levels by more than 200 feet. If we cannot change our carbon habit, this is a virtual guarantee. In the past 55 million years, there has never been a time when large ice sheets existed under atmospheric CO2 concentrations exceeding 550 parts per million.

Here is an excerpt from a new RobertScribbler blog Post, Warm Water Rising From the Depths: Much of Antarctica Now Under Threat of Melt:

“…Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, may well seem impregnable to this warming. But like any other fortress, it has its vulnerable spots. In this case, a weak underbelly. For in study after study, we keep finding evidence that warm waters are rising up from the abyss surrounding the chill and frozen continent. And the impact and risk to Antarctica’s glacial ice mountains is significant and growing.

For a study this week confirmed that Antarctica is now seeing a yearly loss of ice equal to one half the volume of Mt Everest every single year. A rate of loss triple that seen just ten years ago. An acceleration that, should it continue, means a much more immediate threat to coastal regions from sea level rise than current IPCC projections now estimate….

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