Our Addiction to Carbon

Michael Klare has written an Op-Ed at TomDispatch, titled ‘Carbon Delirium’. NationOfChange.org does a great job posting content like this everyday. Aviation is an extremely fuel-intensive activity, and as such, aviation will be VERY impacted as we try to wean off of this carbon addiction.

Here are a few lines from Mr. Klare’s closing paragraphs:

“…In the U.S., addiction to carbon is present at all levels of society….”

“…Overcoming individual addiction to narcotic substances is never an easy task; resisting our addiction to carbon will prove no easier. However, the sooner we recast the climate issue as a public health problem, akin to drug addiction, the sooner we will be able to fashion effective strategies for averting its worst effects. This means, for example, providing programs and incentives for those of us who seek to reduce our reliance on petroleum, and imposing penalties on those who resist such a transition or actively promote addiction to fossil fuels….”

“…a more far-ranging kind of carbon detoxification must come in time. As with all addictions, the first and most crucial step is to acknowledge that our addiction to fossil fuels has reached such an advanced stage as to pose a direct danger to all humanity. If we are to have any hope of averting the worst effects of climate change, we must fashion a 12-step program for universal carbon renunciation….”

In his introduction to the ‘Carbon Delirium’ piece, Tom Engelhardt included this statement:

“…We’re burning fossil fuels as if — excuse the phrase — there were no tomorrow, while the Big Energy companies are finding new ways to release ever more of the ever-tougher variety of fossil fuels from their underground reserves….”

A related NationOfChange.org post is John Light’s ‘Five Key Takeaways From the Frightening IPCC Climate Change Report’.

UPDATE, 6/14/2017: — links to NationOfChange were dead, so copies were located, converted to PDF, archived, and the links updated.