KOPF Opa-Locka Executive Airport (1,880 acres) Miami, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KHWO] 6 N ; [KMIA] 7 S ; [KFLL] 12 NE ; [KTMB] 18 SW ;(ave. distance: 11 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 285 (117 single-props, 74 multi-props) (77 … Continue reading


KTMB Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (1,380 acres) Miami, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KHST] 10 S ; [X51] 11 SW ; [KMIA] 12 NE ; [KOPF] 18 NE ;(ave. distance: 13 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 445 (302 single-props, 73 multi-props) (30 … Continue reading

Trends in Polar Ice Melting: How soon will the Arctic Ocean become Ice-Free?

A fascinating website, RobertScribbler.wordpress.com, continues to investigate current weather data and produce informative content. Two recent Posts focus on data suggesting two problems with enormous climate and environment ramifications: a NASA study finds that the west coastal glaciers of Antarctica … Continue reading


The OEP 35 (Operational Evolution Partnership) airports are commercial U.S. airports with significant activity. These airports serve major metropolitan areas and also serve as hubs for airline operations. The FAA website claims that more than 70 percent of passengers move through these … Continue reading

Is Arctic ice melting faster than expected?

There was a news article late last month, discussing the rapid decline of Arctic Sea ice. I researched a bit further and found the charts and interpretations at the National Snow & Ice Data Center. It all indicates Arctic ice … Continue reading