Enroute Delays are Routine as Part of NextGen, Even for Slower Hubs like SEA

The previous aiREFORM Post presented a sequence of eight arrivals from California to SeaTac [KSEA], during a half-hour window from 10:22 to 10:52 on Thursday May 12th. The sequence showed some very substantial enroute delays, mostly over Oregon. Well, it … Continue reading

U.S. Aviation Impact Activists Can Learn a Lot by Looking at London’s Gatwick Hub

One of the oldest activist groups fighting to manage aviation impacts and preserve their local community is the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC.org.uk).  This group has been around since 1968. The website for GACC.org.uk is impressive, and well worth a look … Continue reading

‘Just Say No’ to a Third Runway at Heathrow

The impacts are already too large at two runways, and the air travel industry is evolving to reduce the need for Heathrow as a major international hub. So, let’s be done with this ridiculous idea of adding a third parallel … Continue reading

A Table with Links for Selected Communities

AZ: Phoenix Skyrocketing complaints due to impacts in the classic NextGen pattern: FAA allows early turns and lower altitudes, claiming the impacts will not be significant … then delays for years fixing the obvious problem. Meanwhile, profits expand for dominant … Continue reading

Another FAA-NextGen Noise Ghetto: Bensenville, IL

In Washington, DC, a congressional committee is using the need to ‘re-authorize’ FAA spending as an excuse to try to ramrod a packaged sellout to the airlines. The package, generously called the ‘Aviation Innovation, Reform & Reauthorization Act’ (AIRR), contains 273-pages of ‘transformational’ legislation that seeks … Continue reading

HAIKU: Rahm, the Airlines, and another New Runway at O’Hare

An Aviation Impact haiku… Pol’tics & Money… Helps ‘merican & ‘nited… Rahm gets a kickback? Spend some time studying the politics of money in aviation and one thing becomes crystal clear: elected officials love airport projects for self-serving reasons. Not … Continue reading

Global Warming Denialism Is as Wrong as FAA’s NextGen

There is so much work to do, just trying to stay on top of FAA’s full frontal assault. Over the past three years, and under the guise of ‘safety and efficiency’, FAA has begun imposing NextGenHell and OAPMfraud, and thus destroying … Continue reading

A Closer Look at How FAA is ‘Tone-Deaf’ on NextGen Noise Impacts

It has now been more than seven months since FAA switched on the NextGen routings in the Phoenix area. Noise complaints skyrocketed immediately on September 18th, and there has been an enormous expenditure in special meetings of the City Council, … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: American Eagle ends up ‘Stuck in the Mud’ in Columbia, MO

The images indicate a simple pilot error, not unlike what can happen to us with our cars, if we misjudge our turn and sideswipe a curb or another vehicle while parking. METAR shows winds were from the SSW at 10mph, so ATC would have … Continue reading