DoT-IG’s Investigations & News Items related to FAA

The Inspector General for the Department of Transportation (DoT-IG) is charged with monitoring and auditing department programs to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. They are frequently asked by Congress to do investigations and reviews. The DoT-IG issues audit reports, evaluations, and management advisories … Continue reading

FAA History: 1940’s

FAA History (main page) Monday, January 1, 1940:The Civil Aeronautics Authority assumed operation of communication stations at Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK. Monday, January 15, 1940:The first issue of the official Civil Aeronautics Journal appeared, superseding Air Commerce Bulletin (see July … Continue reading

FAA History: 1930’s

FAA History (main page) Thursday, January 16, 1930:Frank Whittle, a British Royal Air Force officer and engineer, received a patent for his design of a turbojet aircraft engine. Manufacture of an experimental version of the engine began in 1936. On … Continue reading

FAA History: 2012

FAA History (main page) Tuesday, January 17, 2012:FAA’s Air Traffic Organization reorganized to simplify management and reporting structures. The changes included a simplified reporting structure under the chief operating officer and his deputy and clarified lines of responsibility and accountability. … Continue reading

FAA History: 1950’s

FAA History (main page) Tuesday, January 3, 1950:Pan American Airways changed its name to Pan American World Airways. Nine days later, on January 12, the company completed its round-the-world radio-telephone communications system, which the Civil Aeronautics Administration had approved for … Continue reading

FAA History: 1967

FAA History (main page) Wednesday, January 11, 1967:A Scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet), a vehicle described by scientists as a forerunner of aircraft that would carry passengers at speeds of about 8,000 miles an hour at very high altitudes, made its … Continue reading

FAA History: 1965

FAA History (main page) Monday, January 4, 1965: Under a rule effective this date, FAA required approved survivor lights on all life preservers and life rafts carried by U.S. air carriers and other large commercial aircraft flying more than 50 … Continue reading

FAA History: 1964

FAA History (main page) Thursday, January 9, 1964:The Federal Aviation Agency stated that its recent tests indicated that crash locator beacons could effectively aid in the location of downed aircraft. (See February 26, 1968.) Wednesday, January 15, 1964:Six companies submitted … Continue reading