Growth of Jet Operations at KSMO, 1983-2014

The number of jet operations per year, in and out of the airport at Santa Monica [KSMO], was barely 1,000 in 1983, and peaked at around 18,000 from 2004-2007. There was a substantial decline coincident with the financial collapse of … Continue reading


pg.1: Data & Charts pg.2: Document Archives pg.3: Airport History & Overview KSMO 3-3-2017 SANTA MONICA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT (215 acres) SANTA MONICA, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KLAX] 5 SE ; [KHHR] 8 SE ; [KVNY] 12 N ; [KBUR] … Continue reading

Our Unsustainable Secret: Leaded Fuel and City-Owned Fuel Tanks at Santa Monica

UPDATE, 30 MAR 2022: — Elected officials in Santa Monica continue to be paralyzed and unable to do the right thing: discontinue leasing out their old tanks for leaded avgas and jet fuel sales, tanks that are decaying and well … Continue reading

Santa Monica: The Quest for Local Control Continues

The last time the City of Santa Monica accepted FAA grant monies was in 1994. But, airport grants are not just for subsidizing the few who use the airport; they are also for imposing restrictions on the airport sponsor (in … Continue reading

Santa Monica Airport: Last Chance to Comment on Minimum Standards

Airport officials at Santa Monica are in the process of creating ‘Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Service Providers. These standards can ensure that all potential operators are fairly treated when and if the airport authority denies certain operations. Last week, … Continue reading