NEWSCLIP-1998-03-24: Transcript at the KAL801 Board of Inquiry, in Honolulu

Copied 10-22-11 from: Source is*/ NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD PUBLIC HEARING IN CONNECTION WITH THE INVESTIGATION OF AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT KOREAN AIR FLIGHT 801, B-747-300 AGANA, GUAM AUGUST 6, 1997 Hawaii Convention Center Ballroom A, B and C 1833 Kalakaua … Continue reading

A letter to Tony Ferrante (AOV-1)

A PDF of the following letter was attached to a recent email, sent to Mr. Ferrante, who has been one of FAA’s top safety officials for well over a decade. The text here includes gold endnotes and green-box links to … Continue reading

Whistleblower Support

Put simply, in a large and over-matured organization like the FAA, a Whistleblower is a threat. While they should be commended for their proactive contributions, instead they are despised, intimidated, even removed. A Japanese saying applies: “The Nail that sticks … Continue reading

‘Failures’ not mentioned during Babbitt’s ‘Communicating for Safety’ speech

At around midnight, very early on March 23rd 2011, a serious FAA failure occurred. A supervisor fell asleep for about a half hour, while working alone in the tower cab at Reagan National Airport, in the heart of Washington, DC. … Continue reading

FOIA Lawsuit 3:11-CV-01458-AC (filed 12/5/11)

On December 5, 2011, Lewis filed a civil complaint at the U.S. District Court in Portland, OR. This became 3:11-CV-01458-AC. He named as Defendants FAA and three higher FAA officials: Victoria Wassmer, Timothy Kubik, and Douglas Taylor. Lewis requested a … Continue reading