Exposing a NextGen Fraud: the so-called ‘Conventional’ ZigZag Routes

It is quite clear that, with the election results and the imminent White House occupancy change, coordinated efforts are ramping up to try and push through the latest pet projects: ATC privatization, and accelerated NextGen funding. These efforts are sourced … Continue reading

[KSMO] Update: City Issues 30-Day Notices for Both Airport FBO’s to Vacate

It has been many decades of hard work, and the end-result may soon be here: closure of this unneeded airport to eliminate health hazards, add parks, and better serve the local community. Airport neighbors are severely impacted, mainly by charter jets … Continue reading

From St. Clair to Santa Monica – How FAA Delays Airport Closures

One of the biggest airport fights in the U.S. today is in Santa Monica, CA [KSMO], where neighbors and community officials are trying to close down at least part of KSMO and use the land for better purposes. This airport … Continue reading

FAA/ATC Need to Explain: Why So Low on the Long Island ‘Arc of Doom’?

It makes no sense. When winds are southwest and favor landing on Runways 22, the arrivals into Kennedy International Airport [KJFK] routinely follow a long, sweeping left-turn arc. In the daytime, hundreds of thousands of residents in the wall-to-wall residential communities on … Continue reading

PETITION: Culver City Opposition to NextGen-Related Route Changes

Parents and Residents of Culver City are petitioning President Obama, FAA Administrator Huerta, and others to stop new NextGen-related routes FAA proposes to implement over Southern California. The petition includes the above graphic, which appears to show a sampling of … Continue reading

Growth of Jet Operations at KSMO, 1983-2014

The number of jet operations per year, in and out of the airport at Santa Monica [KSMO], was barely 1,000 in 1983, and peaked at around 18,000 from 2004-2007. There was a substantial decline coincident with the financial collapse of … Continue reading