Interesting Reader Comments Submitted to AOPA’s Blog Post about Santa Monica Airport

One week ago, aviation lobby group AOPA posted an article about the fight for local control of the airport in Santa Monica, CA [KSMO]. Some interesting reader comments came in before the comment period was closed (an apparent 7-day standard … Continue reading

FAA: Winging it with Arbitrary Numbers & Declarations

In a recent cartoon, the concerns of residents in the Santa Cruz Mountains area (south of the San Francisco Airport) were graphically presented by Steven DeCinzo:DeCinzo’s Op/Ed is drawing many chuckles. But, more importantly, it is not an exaggeration of how … Continue reading

Two Websites, Spawned by FAA’s NextGenHell, South of San Francisco

Barely three months ago, FAA flipped the switch for new NextGen ‘thinner and lower’ arrival routes into SFO, and the impact on people living in previously quiet areas, from Capitola to Millbrae, has been horrendous. In keeping with their ‘NextGenHell’ … Continue reading

Global Warming Denialism Is as Wrong as FAA’s NextGen

There is so much work to do, just trying to stay on top of FAA’s full frontal assault. Over the past three years, and under the guise of ‘safety and efficiency’, FAA has begun imposing NextGenHell and OAPMfraud, and thus destroying … Continue reading

Charlotte/Douglas, NC – OEP:KCLT

IMPACT: NextGen-Noise 8-15-2015 KCLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (5,000 acres) Charlotte, NC Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KAKH] 10 W ; [KUZA] 15 S ; [KJQF] 16 NE ; [KIPJ] 19 NW ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft:92 (14 single-props, 19 … Continue reading