The OEP 35 (Operational Evolution Partnership) airports are commercial U.S. airports with significant activity. These airports serve major metropolitan areas and also serve as hubs for airline operations. The FAA website claims that more than 70 percent of passengers move through these … Continue reading

The DoJ’s White Paper on Lethal Operations (use of Drones in Foreign Countries)

Pluses & Minuses of New Technology They are commonly called ‘drones’, and their accelerating development for civil aviation use is under the control of FAA, as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as UAV’s. Welcome to a brave new world. … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents: further details

12/30/2014: Centennial, CO 12/29/2014: Port Clinton, OH 12/27/2014: Westminster, MD 12/24/2014: Sutter Creek, CA 12/22/2014: Odessa, TX 12/18/2014: Seagoville, TX Mesquite airport (yellow box) is approximately 17-miles ESE of Love Field, in Dallas. A new contract control tower was opened … Continue reading