FAA History: 1962

FAA History (main page) Monday, January 1, 1962: As a step in the Federal Aviation Agency’s decentralization of operational activities to the field (see July 1, 1961), FAA transferred to its seven regions the additional responsibility of processing enforcement actions … Continue reading

FAA History: 1960

FAA History (main page) Friday, January 1, 1960:A major realignment of responsibilities for Federal Aviation Agency field operations became effective. Under the new centralized concept of operations, the Washington Bureaus of Air Traffic, Facilities and Materiel, and Flight Standards, as … Continue reading

FAA History: 1977

FAA History (main page) Monday, January 10, 1977:FAA published a rule raising the maximum number of transport aircraft passenger seats per main (Type A) emergency exit from 100 to 110, effective February 10, 1977. The change cleared the way for … Continue reading

FAA History: 1984

FAA History (main page) Thursday, January 12, 1984:The Federal Aviation Administration awarded a contract to Hazeltine Corporation for 178 Microwave Landing Systems (MLSs). (See January 28, 1982, and May 20, 1987.) Saturday, February 4, 1984:FAA transferred the aviation education program … Continue reading


The Chester County ‘Carlson Airport’ opened in 1928, but was acquired by the county in 1959. The airport occupies 352 acres, has no control tower and averages 142 operations per day, while serving as a base for 114 aircraft. A … Continue reading