Aviation Noise Psychology: How Repetitive Routes May ‘drive you crazy’

Here is an article worth reading: ‘Why the Phoenix Sky Harbor flight-path noise may drive you crazy’, by Caitlin McGlade, published in August 2015. A PDF copy of the article is provided in this Post, with highlights (and one footnote) … Continue reading

[QUOTE]: NextGen Noise Impacts Nationwide

QUOTE “…NextGen is the FAA’s war on noise abatement….” – a resident of Queens, NY FAA’s NextGen is neither clean nor environmentally friendly. It is destroying communities across the nation, solely to enable oversized and intensive airline hub operations that help … Continue reading

Another FAA-NextGen Noise Ghetto: Bensenville, IL

In Washington, DC, a congressional committee is using the need to ‘re-authorize’ FAA spending as an excuse to try to ramrod a packaged sellout to the airlines. The package, generously called the ‘Aviation Innovation, Reform & Reauthorization Act’ (AIRR), contains 273-pages of ‘transformational’ legislation that seeks … Continue reading

FAA’s NextGen Noise Problem is Stirring Up Lots of Activism in the NYC Area

Aviation serves people, while also providing corporations with a chance to make profits. So far this year, U.S. airlines have made more than $22 Billion in profits, and even with one quarter left to go, this is the most profitable … Continue reading

Do Your Job FAA: Take Action to Mitigate Skydiving Noise near Longmont

Here is a recent comment by a resident of Longmont, CO, who signed the petition at Change.org, urging Congress to adopt regulations that reduce aviation noise. This long-time rural resident of a beautiful part of the country describes very well … Continue reading

Citizen’s Noise Monitoring (website)

There’s a new website of great value to Nextgen victims and others suffering from aviation noise impacts: Citizen’s Noise Monitoring. It appears to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, created by a tech-savvy impacted citizen trying to find relief … Continue reading