PETITION: Culver City Opposition to NextGen-Related Route Changes

20150906cpy.. SoCal flights, color-coded by airport, showing KLAX dominance, routes

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Parents and Residents of Culver City are petitioning President Obama, FAA Administrator Huerta, and others to stop new NextGen-related routes FAA proposes to implement over Southern California. The petition includes the above graphic, which appears to show a sampling of actual radar tracks for the LA Basin, color-coded by airport. LAX tracks are in magenta.

The Culver City area has been delineated on this aviation plot. It is the white patch outlined in red, and sits north-northeast of LAX and just east of Santa Monica. The magenta routes show that Culver City is under a heavy LAX arrival stream from points north, particularly the Bay Area. Note the fan of magenta lines from the northwest corner of the image; these are arrivals, converging over Santa Monica, where they then make a slight left turn to create an eastbound downwind leg for LAX. ATC then peels off these arrivals to fit into the arrivals from the east (most of the U.S.); i.e., notice the long series of sweeping right turns from the downwind onto final for landing LAX.

The petition makes some very good points. It also provides many links to articles and related materials. An easy and informative read, well worth a look.

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