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The airlines – with lots of assistance from FAA and the aviation lobby groups – are constantly selling air travel, and always careful to do so only with a positive spin. So, they have the audacity to sell NextGen as ‘green’ and good for the environment, declaring it has no environmental impacts, yet this Av-Gov PR front completely ignores the clear impacts on neighborhoods from Phoenix to Flushing to Santa Cruz.

People do not have to accept this spin. Responsible people push back, helping us all to see ‘the whole picture’ … not just the good but also the bad of aviation.

Here is a recent petition at Academics are encouraged to get their school administrators to push for less air travel, eliminating unneeded trips and replacing many other formal interactions with the much greener alternative available using today’s advanced teleconferencing capabilities. While this petition is aimed at academics, certainly the idea of ‘electronic collaboration instead of air travel’ applies to business as well. And all of us should support this petition, to help facilitate long-overdue change.

Be sure to also see the well-written informational pages connected to this petition: