Plane Truth: Aviation’s Real Impacts on People and the Environment

A book published last fall focuses on three areas at the heart of the website: the adverse impacts of aviation, the excessive subsidy of aviation, and the need for a transparent sharing of factual data to ensure citizens can have a meaningful say in airport growth decisions.

Author Rose Bridger lives in the UK and describes herself as a writer, campaigner and researcher. She has an interesting website, which evolved out of her interest in food supply chains. She did her own research and concluded that “…at the  consumption end (of the supply chain), we just see a cornucopia of things to buy. Its like being permanently subsumed in the contrived fairground atmosphere of a shopping  mall.” The more she researched and wrote, the more she came to the conclusion that aviation – and airports – are a critical element of this supply chain. When discussing airports, she notes:

“Expansion meets with vigorous opposition from host communities, concerned over high levels of health damaging pollutants and paving over farmland and wildlife habitats. The purported economic benefits, in particular for host communities, are doubtful. Continued aviation expansion, in the face of rising oil prices and the global economic downturn, is enabled by an extraordinary level of subsidy.”

Here are a few clips from reviews:

  • Plane Truth is an essential read for all of us who care about the environment and future generations. Flying has become as natural to most people in countries like the UK and USA as having breakfast or listening to music.  It is easy to forget that flying is helping – through climate change emissions and other forms of pollution – to destroy our world.  The air industry is a huge lobby, but Rose Bridger has produced a book that punctures their dangerous lies.” (Derek Wall)
  • Rose Bridger makes the case for an end to Government subsidies for an environmentally destructive industry.” (Post Mag)
  • “Easily one of the most comprehensive reviews of aviation’s impact on the environment, Plane Truth has all the facts required to destroy the aviation industry’s arguments for expansion.” (Plane Stupid)
  • “A treasure trove that will shock and surprise with much jaw dropping material about the rapidly expanding and much subsidized world of airports, air travel and freight and their impact on climate change, biofuel demand, and much more.” (Geoff Tansey)
Plane Truth: Aviation’s Real Impacts
on People and the Environment
Published by Pluto Press, October 2013

“Plane Truth is a critique of the aviation industry, addressing
the social, economic and environmental impacts.”


1. The Future of Flight
2. Feeding the Fuel Tanks
3. Local Environmental Impacts
4. Threats to Wildlife and Farmland
5. Green Garnish
6. Air Cargo
7. Industrial Cargo
8. Arms, Aid and Accidents
9. Concrete and Overcapacity
10. Counting the Costs
11. Real Estate and Revenue Streams
12. How Aviation Keeps Growing