Please Donate your MSPB Docket!

An excellent idea was announced by David Pardo at MSPBWatch: he is asking those of us who have been through the hell of an MSPB Appeal to share our documents.

The goal, quite simply, is to shine a bright light on just how totally failed MSPB is. The Merit Systems Protection Board has been wasting funds year after year, to create the illusion that the merit systems of federal employees are being protected. The money they spend does not go to true justice; it goes to myopic and unsupported rationalizations to close cases and obstruct justice.

Federal employees are not being protected; I can personally attest to that failure. MSPB uses a ‘Rocket Docket’ to rush appellants through a futile process that almost never tells the agencies to clean up their act. My own MSPB Case thoroughly documents this MSPB failure. MSPBWatch hopes to produce many more revealing examples of MSPB failure.

In essence, too many of us get screwed over by a broken process, but at the end we are so exhausted or depressed that we never share what happened. Still worse, this very process was implemented by Congress decades ago, to justify removing our legal due process!

When we fail to report these failures, the few rogue managers and agencies are not held accountable, and the cycle is repeated all over again upon the next crop of victims. To get out of this cycle, one of the smartest moves we can make is to share the details. Here’s the link to the Post at MSPBWatch.