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Hakeem Jeffries is a young lawyer representing the New York 8th congressional district, a strongly gerrymandered district in Brooklyn and Queens. In this video he is going to bat for the Hillary Clinton campaign, making wild statements, all part of the Clinton campaign script, designed to undermine the legitimacy of candidate Bernie Sanders. Yes, he is a lawyer, so he seemingly has a license to lie and deceive, all to produce whatever nefarious end-result is intended, such as perpetuating our very, VERY broken representative democracy – yes, the one owned by a plutocracy of corporations and elites (a plutocracy Thomas Jefferson warned of in 1825).

So, ponder this embed of a short news discussion, with Nina Turner speaking on the Sanders’ side…

…and here’s something else to ponder:

If Mr. Jeffries can go to bat for Hillary Clinton and stretch the facts this far, what would happen if he applied his lawyering skills to advocate on behalf of those impacted by KJFK and KLGA flights? What possibly might stop him from speaking up, forcefully, on behalf of the people and against the FAA, the airlines, the Port Authority – the Av-Gov troika who are doing so much to diminish quality of life in his congressional district? Could it be the money that helps Mr. Jeffries (and the vast majority of U.S. elected officials) to pick their fights, to be selective and ALWAYS come out advocating for the source of funds needed to be reelected? Could it be we are long overdue to end this sordid corruption?

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  • 4/11/2016 – an article by H.A. Goodman, in Huffington Post, includes this quote: “…An iceberg named Hillary Clinton threatens the system of honest graft that provides political power to so many establishment Democrats….”

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