[QUOTE]: A Comment About FAA Overreach on Airspace in Salem, Oregon


“…The Salem airspace FAA fiasco is but one more example of the utterly failed regulatory policies of FAA, that represent little but the tip of the iceberg of a poorly informed, completely aviation inexperienced, technically illiterate bureaucracy, massively out of step with modern aviation needs, concerns, and safety requirements….”

– a reader comment to Ben Sclair’s GA News article, ‘Whiplash in Salem’.

We see news and evidence everyday, showing how FAA has become the ‘force’ – faraway in DC, and disconnected from the local realities – that denies local control of airports and impedes progress to manage and limit aviation impacts. These are all signs of a deeply captured agency.

But, it is important to also recognize, FAA tries to not discriminate, thus makes problems not just for the non-aviation community (airport neighbors) but also for many within the aviation community. There are many legitimate individuals involved in aviation, battling FAA’s mindless bureaucracy and bottomless power; they, too, are feeling ‘burned’ by FAA’s waste and ineptitude. It is beyond comprehension that FAA would need to specially modify the minimally-used airspace as discussed in this article. A pointless effort engaging a formal rulemaking process to no productive end, an effort that seems to serve nobody – except, it does give some underworked FAA employees a task to spend time on.

This article is at General Aviation News, a periodical based in the Seattle area that has been a leading news source for people in aviation, particularly on the west coast. The airport, Salem [KSLE], serves a state capitol but has ZERO commercial airline operations and is extremely slow – averaging just three takeoffs per hour – yet receives subsidies for a contract air traffic control tower.

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