[QUOTE]: An Editorial about FAA Arrogance, Congressional Failure, and Airline Greed


“…As has been quite clear from the work being done by concerned residents on the Peninsula and elsewhere around the nation, getting heard is not the problem. An arrogant federal agency has simply ignored the input and protests, including those from our local members of Congress….”

– a comment, within a Palo Alto Weekly editorial, posted 11/13/2015


The editorial shows zero confidence in Congress, and concludes that heavier political pressure needs to bear upon both the White House and FAA: “The slow, virtually moribund legislative process isn’t the answer. Hard ball politics is.” The author may be correct.

Click here to read the original Editorial. Be sure to also read the comments. Some comments are by the same-old pro-aviation hacks who heartlessly deny the problems, sometimes even attacking FAA’s noise-victims as NIMBYs. Other comments, such as the specific solutions (with links) proposed by Peter Carpenter, are truly constructive, and very thought-provoking.

The bottom-line is this: NextGen is a tool with real positive potential, being abused by an agency with negative intentions, serving only the industry. But, NextGen can be configured to serve both aviation AND airport neighbors. This will only happen if somehow, by pressure from Congress or the White House, FAA is compelled to do their job with true balance. The two legislative proposals, by Representatives Gallego and Meng, are both designed to restore the balance that FAA has knowingly stripped away. We need more local control, and more meaningful oversight from OUTSIDE the captured agency we call FAA.