[QUOTE]: The Over-Selling of NextGen


“…Can we please stop calling radar “World War II-era technology” like it means something? Jet aircraft are World War II-era technology. The concrete airplanes land on is Roman Republic-era technology. The English spoken by pilots and controllers was developed a thousand years ago. If there is a real performance advantage from using a GPS-based system over a radar-based system, talk specifically about that…..”

– comment to an article blogged on 7/14/2015 at TheHill.com

FAA has spent tens of billions on upgrading technologies even before NextGen was first officially authorized. So, it is disingenuous at best for FAA, or for elected officials seeking FAA funds to aid their reelection, to keep beating the drum that NextGen is critically needed to replace this ancient technology. Bunk.

When FAA and industry started promoting NextGen, their efforts included getting Congress to authorize funding. Now, they are using FAA’s failures in NextGen implementation to try and justify privatization of ATC. Kind of reminds of seeing a dog spinning round and round while trying to bite the tip of its tail … but the dog is funny and cute and loveable, unlike FAA and NextGen.

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