[QUOTE]: Aviation Noise, and Our Emerging Dystopia


“…If you stand in the beam for more than 10 or 12 seconds, you get sick. People turn as green as grass, and you can pulse it in such a way that their ears don’t really recover—so they keep getting this uncomfortable effect and they can’t brace themselves to get away from it….”

– a comment by Del Kintner, director of military sales at a private firm in San Diego, on acoustic beam technologies designed to “help the military get rid of people without shooting them”

This quote does not refer to a sci-fi radiation beam, but to focused sound energy, being developed more than 13-years ago as a weapon to control people. This is Orwellian stuff. In a utopian world, technology is created to improve life; in a dystopian world, technology is used to advantage one group over another.

With each of FAA’s NextGen rollouts, the health impacts of concentrated noise near U.S. airports – even at intensities much lower than these acoustic beam weapons – are rapidly coming into focus. And, we are also realizing that FAA’s integrated noise models and ‘dNL 65 metric’ are worthless at forecasting aviation noise impacts. Just as importantly, researchers are producing a new generation of studies showing the extensive harm done to all people, especially the most vulnerable – our children, and our elderly.

Huxley gave us Brave New World, and Orwell gave us 1984; now, in 2016, the Military-Industrial Complex seeks profits by creating a Bad New World.

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